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Ho Chi Minh City (Formally Saigon)

10 things to do in Ho Chi Minh City | The Independent | The Independent

Notre-Dame Basilica, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is a city that many of the locals like to visit when they have the opportunity, largely because it has so much to offer. The colonial style of the
past makes up the present as locals embrace this old architecture. One of those structures is the Notre Dame Cathedral, where you’ll get to see this great colonial architecture. You will find the biggest HCMC market here – Ben Thanh. Get ready to haggle with the vendors. After some shopping enjoy a coffee beverage (They’re known for their fabulous coffee drinks). Enjoy an afternoon at the spa, take in a show like the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre, and make sure to eat with the locals at Com Nieu Sai Gon (In District 3).

  • Notre-Dame Basilica is located at 01 Cong xa Paris, Ben Nghe Quan 1,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Halong Bay

Is Halong Bay in Vietnam Really Worth It?
Is Halong Bay in Vietnam Really Worth It?

Halong Bay is known for its emerald waters, floating villages, limestone islands, and Cave Dougan. Book a cruise so that you can enjoy the beautiful waters. There’s everything from a dinner cruise, to a party cruise, to an overnight cruise, so pick what fits your taste. If kayaking is more your style you can do that too. Visit the countryside and the unspoiled scenery on a farms where you’ll get to experience the hospitality of the locals. Enjoy rock climbing and hiking in the mountainous Cat Ba National Park or visit the very large limestone caves (Cave Dougan), which are also another popular destination with the locals. There’s something for everyone to enjoy regardless of your taste or interests.

Can Tho Floating Markets Special mission!

Cai Rang floating market guide (2020) | A must-go destination in Mekong
Found at the river’s edge in Can Tho.

The floating market is the biggest attraction in Can Tho. Discover why the locals love the floating markets. You’ll find boats laden with fruit and produce. You can enjoy bread rolls, a local breakfast of Banh Mi, Vietnamese coffee, and who knows what fruits you might decide you want to nibble on for the day. Be sure to checkout, the coconut candy factory while you are there.

The V-League

V. League 1 first leg ends, top 8 to battle for title - VnExpress International
V-League plays throughout Vietnam. Check their schedule for local times and games.

This is the top professional football league in Vietnam, which is played among 12 clubs each year. The champions go on to the AFC. If you get the chance to watch a game, you should. It offers you a glimpse into how the fans engage with their football teams. It runs from January to September so you stand a good chance of seeing a live football game in Vietnam.


Danang International hosts the International Fireworks Competition, which draws competitors from 3-4 nations around the world. Usually, it takes place in April on the Han River, where you get a beautiful backdrop to enjoy these superb performances. . If you are in Vietnam during April, you should check this out! The locals really enjoy it, and we are sure you will too!

Recommend Danang Hotel near Han River and My khe beach

Hang Son Doong


Son Doong is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam – it’s truly amazing. This is the largest case in the world, but wasn’t found until 1991 by a local, and it only opened to the public in 2003. It is situated near the Vietnam Laos Border. For a long time the locals wouldn’t explore it, because they were scared of the sound that was coming out of it. Once it was discovered to be a rapidly moving underground river, the locals began to explore the cave. The chamber is over 200 meters tall and over 5 kilometers long. There’s a jungle inside the cave that has formed beneath the collapsed roof, which once collapsed let in adequate light for the vegetarian to grow. This is a once in a life time experience. Come see what the locals are so excited about.

Located close to the Vietnam Laos Border.

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park

Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park - Ho Chi Minh City Attractions

When it comes to things the locals love to do the Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park is high on that list. What could be more fun than hanging out at this Buddhist waterslide park (first in the world)? Instead of finding characters like Daffy Duck or Mickey Mouse, you’ll find the Phoenix, The Unicorn, even the Dragon. This theme park focuses on local history, Buddha, and folklore, which is why the locals love to visit here, and why you should make sure to check it out.

  • Located in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Mitho (My Tho)

Mitho, Vietnam is not a place you should just pass through. There are tours going to Mitho, but you can also explore it on your own if you have a car. It’s one of those places that local like to keep a secret. It has some of the greatest seafood dishes to offer with tons of street vendors. The sunset is spectacular and you can always get a boat to take you out on the water where it’s even more beautiful. Often this remains one of the best kept secrets by locals, who come here to backpack, cycle, and play in the river. There are plenty of bus options to get here (just ask one of the locals) or you can rent a scooter. You won’t be disappointed.


Mùa Hè Sapa 2020': Trải nghiệm khác về xứ sương mù Lào Cai | Du lịch |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

From the Lao Cai train station youll leave for Sapa, and the thick blanket of fog will have you guessing whafs hiding behind it. In no time at all the fog rolls away and you are left with lush paddy fields in the distance, and women that almost look like dolls with their short under 5 foot statue, wearing beautiful traditional garments and walking their buffalo on a leash. Locals love to hike to the tribe villages. Try it yourself, you’ll build some great memories. If you feel like yoWd like more time to explore Sapa you could stay at the unique Topas Eco Lodge, which is one of the coolest places for you to stay. The infinity pool is second to none, and this fairytale place is very affordable.


Dalat is a favorite city of the locals. It has a bit of a modern European look, but ifs very affordable to stay here. You can rent a bike and start to explore. Be sure to check out some of the quaint little cafes and the colonial architecture amongst the homes and businesses. You’11 recognize the popular ones with the locals because they’ll be busy and buzzing with conversation. If you like to backpack, you’ll meet plenty of others doing just that. Many are heading to the spectacular waterfalls, which never get old, no matter how many times you go there.

Nightlife Tour Special mission!

The locals know how to party and have a good time, and you too can discover the best nightlife places by taking a nightlife tour. There really is something for everyone. From the amazing view you can enjoy at Saigon’s night flower market to the rooftop bar and dance club that overlooks the city. Perhaps you enjoy a relaxing lounge where you can mingle with the locals or perhaps you prefer a night of karaoke, which is very popular in Vietnam. Discover where the locals love to hang with a nightlife tour.

Take a Local Cooking Class

What Vietnamese food comes to your mind? Have you considered just how much fun it would be too cook a traditional meal with the locals? You can! Just sign up for a cooking class and you’ll get to meet the locals, and get a better understanding of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Locals love to participate in cooking class. Why not join them?

Attend a Water Puppet Show

Water Puppet shows are very popular with the locals. This is a tradition dating back to the 11th century. Originally they were held in the Red River Delta rice paddies. Today, the most popular places to enjoy water puppet shows is the Thang long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi, and the Golden Dragon Water Puppetry Theater in Ho Chi Minh City. Come discover why the locals love water puppet shows so much.

Shop Local Markets

There are markets designed for tourist and then there are the local markets. Street markets are part of the Vietnamese lifestyle and culture, and to really enjoy the Vietnamese shopping experience, you need to shop where the locals shop. Who knows what special gems you will find that you’ll want to take home.

Visit Old Quarter Hanoi

Take a stroll from Hoan Kiem Lace to Cau Go, where you will find yourself in Old Quarter. You’ll become lost in a world that’s so different from the rest of the city, you’ll forget where you’re at. You can explore the energetic yet modest life of the locals living in this area. Exploring Old Quarter will lead you to pagodas, banyan trees, and temples hidden among the houses. What a charming area. Make sure you take some time to talk with the locals.

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