The vibrancy and variability being the two most significant characteristics of the country instigate us to provide you with a mixture of various nightlife destinations worth exploring; we do not adhere to any unilateral theme in terms of presenting the NIGHTLIFE DESTINATION IN VIETNAM below. It is up to you what to include and what not to in your to do list while you are roaming around the country.

Bia Hoi Junction

Bia Hoi Junction - Guide Vietnam

There goes one of the best destinations for the tourists who are planning to visit Hanoi. The most exotic characteristic of the Bia Hoi Junction is its timings as it does not have any proper timing! You can have your pint anytime you visit. Just grab a plastic stool which the locals do and enjoy your pint among the bustling crowds of the place. The Ta Hien Street is one of the major corners here. The local beer in Vietnam is known as Bia Hoi which contains only 4% alcohol.

The Caravelle Hotel Rooftop Bar

Here we present to you one of the beauties of Saigon. The bar which is situated on the ninth floor of the Caravelle Hotel in Vietnam had a nearly significant role to play during the Vietnam war as the journalists could receive an unobstructed view of the Saigon River and the war going around from the place, wherefore it had a significant part to play as a place for providing the daily briefings of the war. One can get to see the pictures which have been carefully restored in the sepia color tone and portrayed on walls of the bar. The bar also provides one of the most majestic views of the city from the ninth floor.

The Chill Skybar

Chill Sky Bar | Top Bar tại Quận 1 | Vietnam Nightlife

This rooftop bar which stands on the twenty fifth floor of the AB Tower happens to be a delight of the Ho Chi Minh City. Not only will the height allure you to engross you mind and body in the atmosphere but the quality of cocktails provided by the bar manufactures its guests promises to return, however, you are recommended top maintain the dress code while visiting the bar as a basic dress code is followed here and to your misfortune, the bar authorities are puritans about it. It is nearly an hour before the sunset when the bar opens and remains open up to midnight.

The Seventeenth Saloon Saigon

The Seventeenth Saloon Saigon stands to be one of the most incredible saloon themed bars of the Ho Chi Minh city. You can get to see at least two new bands perform everyday if you are visiting the place. If you are a lover of rock music, especially heavy metal, then the Seventeenth Saloon is perhaps the best place for you to spend your time, although the bands do play Vietnamese songs on request.

The Sailing Club

Sailing Club - Nha Trang Nightlife

The Sailing Club is probably the best nightlife destination in Nha Trang boasting of the best alcohols served in the city and the best party area for the tourists. If you chance to visit the Tran Phu Beach then this is just the place for you in terms of enjoying the best hip hop performances in Vietnam, however one needs to keep in mind that the price range is not very moderate here and it lies a bit towards the higher side wherefore think twice before availing the option. The magnificent location is really worth the amount you pay, late night parties organized once a month which is popularly known as INSOMNIA is the main attraction of the place.

Makai Lounge

Another destination located in Nha Trang where one gets to enjoy the best cocktails in Vietnam. If you are willing to visit the place during its happy hours then a visit between 16.00 to 20.00 is highly recommended. Not only are the Mohitos cheap during its happy hours, but you also get to smoke the best of Hookahs at amazing prices. The late night Latino parties are surely going to attract you as the friendly staffs teach you salsa all night long. A short walk from the Tran Phu Promenade will allow you to reach the place in no time.

Amigos Whiskey Bar

Not only do you get the best whiskey in Amigos Whiskey Bar, but you also get to taste the best cocktails and spirits at extremely reasonable rates. You are sure to remain engrossed in the Blues and Jazz performances if you are visiting the bar between 20.30-22.00. If one is into scuba diving, then Amigos is the best place for him/her to rest and cool down with a glass of spirit. Jagerbomb and Bloody Mary has turned out to be the common variations of spirits which are available in almost every bar, to speak of Amigos, they serve you the best Bloody Mary at extraordinary rates.

The Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An NIght Market in Hoi An - Shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam - Justgola

Night life in Hoi An is not the usual one witnessed by the tourists in Vietnam, its unique with incredible characteristics. We begin with the Hoi An Night Market followed by the White Marble Wine Bar.

If you are interested in the best of snacks, trinkets and jewelry in Vietnam then The Hoi An stands to be the best place for you to visit. Not only does in present a variety of accessories at immensely cheap rates, but it is also one of the most photogenic destinations in Vietnam. The colorful lanterns, with which the three hundred meter long stretch is decorated, are sure to lure you to photograph them.

The White Marble Wine Bar

Its location makes it one of a kind in Vietnam. One can look over the Thu Bon River while sitting in this bar. Not only do you get to taste the best spirits in The White Marble Wine Bar, you also get to taste the best Italian, Vietnamese and French fusion dishes. The White Marble deserves a visit from any tourist coming to Vietnam, especially due to its unique qualities.

Dive Bar

The atmosphere is specially designed for tourists below forty who are immensely enthusiastic with their lives. You get to listen to live music along with your drinks especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Imported beers and wines stand to be the main attractions in the menu.

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