We have divided the restaurants in Vietnam into three basic categories as per your economic preferences, this is sure to be beneficial in terms of locating them as you do not have to go through a brainstorming search session.

Red Bean Restaurant, Hanoi

RED BEAN TRENDY RESTAURANT, Hanoi - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews -  Tripadvisor

Red Bean is considered to be one of the most esteemed restaurants in Hanoi and they further aim at being one of the biggest in the country. The restaurant has achieved success in blending various innovative ideas to the extensive organic roots, what you get to taste here is the true flavors of Vietnam blended with modern innovative techniques. The five basic elements constituted by Vietnamese food is metal, wood, earth, water and fire. Hospitality and remarkable service is the principle motto of the restaurant. The various categories of menu include The Autumn Set, The Red Bean Set Menu and The Chefs Set Menu.

El Gaucho, Hanoi

El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse | Vietnam Is Awesome

The term “gaucho” is sure to remind one of the pampas grasslands, and there you go, El Gaucho stands to be one of the best restaurants for tasting Argentinean cuisines in Vietnam. A steak lover is sure to visit the place as Gaucho provides one with the best quality beef steak in Vietnam. The hospitable service adds up to its quality. If you are willing to taste fresh beef in Vietnam then this is just the place for you. The steak place is minutely decorated before presentation and this further stands to be one of its most interesting characteristics.

Ming Restaurant

This restaurant located in Sofitel Plaza is extensively known for the quality of Chinese food which its serves. The restaurant authorities have arranged for nearly 80 varieties of dishes which you can select from. The dishes are well decorated under the supervision of the head chef of the restaurant.

Odev Restaurant

The Odev is located in the midst of Na Dang city and serves you the best quality of Western cuisines. The restaurant has gained its name especially for serving magnificent western delicacies to its guests. Not only is the restaurant interested in the internal food matters, it’s also remembers to provide its guests with the best possible hospitality in the country. You are recommended to visit the wine room and taste the spirits here.

Cham Charm

The restaurant has exclusively used the elements of the ancient Champa Civilization in order to create the mesmerizing effect of heaven on earth so if you are willing experience paradise here on earth then a visit to Cham Charm is highly recommended. Nowhere will you discover a difference with a five star hotel as the restaurant has maintained its grandeur in terms of its decorations and art installations. The Cham has also borrowed elements from the Arabian culture which will lead you to an eclectic experience while tasting perhaps the best dishes from Japan! You also get to taste the best of Indian and Vietnamese dishes here.

La Villa French Restaurant

Refusing to remain confined within five star hotels, Chef Thierry decided to move on and begin with the La Villa. After moving to Saigon the chef was successful enough to grab the opportunities of exploration. La Villa focuses on innovative exploration of the French dishes and this plays the principle role in terms of attracting its guests. Not only does the ding resemble a homely atmosphere but its decoration is plain and simple standing at a position opposite to the extravagant atmospheres.

The Pizza Company

The name reveals it all. One gets to taste the best of Italian cuisines in the Pizza Company. The menu of the restaurant includes sizzlers and French fries other than Pizza. Not only do you get to meet the tourists of Vietnam in Pizza Company, you also get to meet the locals, most of whom are regular visitors to this restaurant.

The Vietnam House Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam House Restaurant - Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist by Luke  Nguyen

The exclusive tastes of Luke Nguyen who also stands to be the founder of the restaurant are sure to attract you every time you visit the Ho Chi Minh City. Chef Luke Nquyen was primarily born in Australia and gradually opened his first restaurant in the year 2003. A journey to the Vietnam House was long and difficult and alas it has grown to be fruitful. The menu of the restaurant includes a Set Lunch, A la Carte and a Set Dinner. The choice is yours as you get to select from a huge varieties within each and every category.

Skewers Restaurant

One gets to have the best Mediterranean dishes in Skewers. The cozy atmosphere along with a magnificent open air kitchen is sure to attract you, the best spirits and cigars of Vietnam which are offered to its guests by the restaurant authorities add up to the immense delight.

Cuc Gach Quan

The place is listed among the top ten in the Ho Chi Minh City and has been immensely popular since a visit from Brad Pitt. The restaurant is housed by an extremely old French building which has been standing there since the colonial ages. The authorities have used recycled material in order to build the restaurant. The true essence of the French colonies can be felt while sitting in the restaurant.


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