Vietnam Coffee: All You Need to Know about Coffee in Vietnam


It’s not a very wise decision to avoid souvenirs while touring around especially in a country like Vietnam which has a whole lot of local delights to dazzle you with. Here we have stated the basic characteristics of the most popular SOUVENIRS IN VIETNAM.


Vietnam Coffee: All You Need to Know about Coffee in Vietnam
Vietnam Coffee: All You Need to Know about Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee is one of the most important products manufactured by the Vietnamese companies at present. Vietnam stands to be one of the largest producers of Robusta Coffee. People of Vietnam prepare the drink in an incredible way as milk as added to it instead of sugar. Ifs truly a delight to visit the green coffee shops of the country which are extremely calm, having an atmosphere which remains in accordance to the peace lovers. The dried coffee beans are the authentic ones and usually bought by the other tourists in terms of gifting their loved ones, so choose you delicacy widely.


Traditional Vietnamese silk continues its journey - Nhan Dan Online

Silk is one of the most common souvenirs bought by the tourists in Vietnam. The people of the country use it in almost every costumes and paintings and this further adds up to their extravagant beauty. The varieties of color in Vietnamese silk are truly worth appreciating and not to mention that the souvenirs are money worth. You need not put a great amount of effort in order to search for the silks as they are available in more or less each and every garment shop in the country.

Ceramic Products

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These products are not confined within the cultural and geographical borders of the country and its worldwide popularity is responsible for them being exported throughout the world, wherefore, if you are directly buying them from the country then you are perhaps one of the lucky tourists. Ceramic products stand to be one of the best souvenirs which you can take home or plan to gift your loved ones, they are affordable and you have a large variety to select from. It will cost you nearly USD 5-10 for a cup and you must not miss an opportunity to avail such cheap products in the country.

Do Paper Postcards and Traditional Paintings

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The Do Paper has its vintage importance in the country as it existed right from the time when modern paper did not appear in the country. Usually the bark of the do tree is used in terms of making the Do paper. The best qualities of Do papers are exhibited in the shops of the country and you can select from them. Presently the paper is used in order to draw various folk images which are deep rooted in the history of the country.

Ao Dai

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Ao Dai is a traditional Vietnamese costume which is still used by both male and female of the country. It is basically a tight fitted dress, usually long in size, having two main contrasting colors.

Conical Hat


This natural protection from the sun or the rain has its primitive connection to the country of Vietnam. The history of the conical hat, which is locally referred to as the “non la” has a history which goes back to a time period of nearly 3000 years. These hats portray the local essence of the Vietnam due to its acute organic connections and they are mostly worn by the girls as well as the younger women of the country. It will be beneficial for you to buy these hats if you want a single representation of the soul of the country in your drawing room.


One gets a huge variety to select from when it comes to buying embroidery in Vietnam and that is what confuses the tourists here. Vietnamese embroidery is not only rich, it can also be considered to be one of the oldest traditions of the civilization. Usually the embroideries which is done exclusively on raw silk, portrays various natural picturesque scenes which includes trees, flowers, etc. You can also get yourself something distinct by asking for a painting of day to day life scenes, this is a common alternative preferred by the tourists in the country.

Wooden Clogs

The Wooden Clogs which are locally known as Guoc Moc is gradually heading towards having a nostalgic value due to decrease in frequency in terms of usage, but the wooden slippers were once taken to be an inseparable part of Vietnamese garments, especially during the feudal ages. The feudal ages were followed by the slippers being extensively used mostly by women, however due to the changing culture and lifestyle in the country the slippers are not used on a large scale presently but a tourist can always buy them as a memento while returning from the country.

Sand Paintings

Sand paintings stand to be an incredible category of the country. Usually the common process involved in the painting includes the usage of colorful sands on the sticky glass frames which leads to a permanent fixation difficult to remove. Sand paintings usually exploit a variety of day to day Vietnamese scenes in order to create its content, the scenes range from labor scenes to classical calligraphy as per the Vietnamese patterns. Along with the conical hats and the wooden slippers the sand paintings represent the authentic soul of the country which is worth receiving a significant position in your drawing room.

Musical Instruments

Its truly great if you are a musical person but do not worry if you are not, nobody is obstructing form choosing among the traditional bamboo instruments available mostly in Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City. The typical Vietnamese flute is made out of bamboo and its truly a delight to the ears when one gets engrossed in the hypnotic tunes of the instrument. We would recommend you to buy at least one for yourself or your loved ones in order to receive the satisfaction of buying the best probable souvenir one can from the country.


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