Vietnam, also known as Viet Nam or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country in Southeast Asia and is highly frequented by tourists, especially backpackers, from around the world.

Vietnam is strategically bordered with several other countries of importance in the tourist trail of SE Asia, some of which are Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and China.

Let us now explore the coastal regions – mainly the BEACH DESTINATIONS IN VIETNAM

Long Beach (Phu Quock Island)

Vietnam's best beach resorts

This calm and quite beach resting on the Phu Quock Island houses a number of bars, cafes and restaurants. One can roam around the beach area in two preferable ways, the first of which is by walking and second of which is by a motorcycle. Roaming around on a motorcycle in the Long beach is highly recommended as it is only a motorbike journey which can provide you with each and every minute details of the beach. The palm trees and the beautiful sands build up a nice and timid place for resting, one can lie down and enjoy the scenery within the absolute quietness and occasional intervention of the sounds of the waves.

Mui Ne Beach

If you are into water sports then you will definitely be enjoying the Mui Ne Beach, but before we get into anything else we must inform you about the best time when one can thoroughly enjoy the beach atmosphere. The months lying between November and March stands to be awesome, especially when the sky has the scorching sun which does not stand towards an uncomfortable side and along with the sun the strong winds add up to the atmosphere. It is then when you can enjoy various beach sports such as kite­surfing. On a location nearby lies a traditional fishing village which is absolutely worth visiting.

Quy Nhon Beach

The best beaches in Vietnam | Intrepid Travel Blog

One can avail the flights which are departing from the Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi in order to reach this beach which is secluded from the mainstream and this is what stands to be the principle reason dominating the beauty of the place. The beach is surrounded by mountains which keeps it in a position aloof from the crowds of the city. Quy Nhon Beach is the best place for people hoping for a quiet and enjoyable holiday in Vietnam.

My Khe Beach

The beach has a historical significance as it was frequently visited by the Americans during the war in Vietnam. The beach received its name from the American troops and presently it provides its tourists with the best recreational activities as well as long stretches of sand on which tourists may take a nice walk. If you are interested in activities like sunbathing, fishing or snorkeling then this is just the place for you. The sea food restaurants provide its tourists with the best of authentic dishes and this also stands to be a significant reason for us to recommend this beach to you.

An Bang Beach

The surfing season between September to March is perhaps the best time of the year for tourists to visit the place. One gets to avail the hippie bars as well as the various sea food restaurants standing on the coastline in order to greet its visitors. The beach remains tremendously busy during the surfing season so we warn you of a heavy crowd if you are planning visit the beach during the season, however, the crowd is most unlikely to bother you if you enjoy the sport thoroughly. The waters add up to the enjoyment followed by the delicious food in the sea food restaurants.

Cat Ba Island

The Ha Long Bay is UNESCO listed so one can assume that the Cat Ba Island which is housed by the bay, stands to be one of the most incredible tourist destinations in Vietnam. The sand stands to be the primary attraction principally due to its soft nature. One can encounter various beach restaurants and cafes when in Cat Bat Island. The3 bungalows which are offered by the islands stand to be one of the best places for housing in the beach.

Hon Chong Beach

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It will cost you a total amount of nearly 25,000 Vietnam dollars if you are craving to climb the rock formations heading towards the water. We assure you that it is your money’s worth as you will be getting the best panoramic views of the area once you are standing on the rocks. It will take you nearly five minutes from the Po Nagar Cham Towers if you are travelling by a car to reach the beach area. The cafes and restaurants strive to provide you with the best delicacies in the area.

Non Nuoc Beach

You can reach the beach after a twenty minuets drive from the Da Nang City. The Non Nuoc beach stands to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it receives its praises from all over the world.

Ninh Chu Beach

The Best Beaches in Vietnam

You can enjoy water sports like volleyball and even swim around if you wish to. The Ninh Chu Beach offers you with the best weekends in Vietnam so if you are willing to take a break from the bustling city life then the Ninh Chu Beach is perhaps the most ideal location for you.

Tran Phu Beach

One can search for the best sea food restaurants, souvenir shops and other commercial center when s/he is roaming around in the Tran Phu Beach. One can spend his/her best time meditating on the beach premises, the calmness of the beach provides him/her with the ideal atmosphere.


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